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Biogas-Based Fuels Why Biogas?

Biogas is an attractive feedstock to make renewable fuels.  Also known as “biomethane”, “renewable natural gas”, or “RNG”,  biogas has many advantages; it:

  • is made from waste products,
  • has a low GHG emissions footprint,
  • is available in most places where there is human activity,
  • has the potential for large scale renewable fuel production
  • does not compete with food supply,
  • is a relatively low cost form of renewable energy,
  • can be transported in existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure, and
  • is approved by many governments as a qualified feedstock for making qualified renewable biofuels

Biogas is an excellent feedstock for transportation fuel as compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) , or for conversion to higher value fuels such as renewable hydrogen (“RH”), methanol, DME, Fischer-Tropsch Diesel, or renewable gasoline.
Iogen’s biogas-related expertise derives from our longstanding commitment to developing innovative solutions that enable widespread commercialization of cellulosic biofuel production:

  • Our cellulosic ethanol process produces biogas as a by-product;
  • we have deep expertise in renewable fuels policy, markets, and compliance;
  • we have developed strategic relationships with oil refiners;
  • we have extensive understanding in a wide range of biofuel processing technologies;
  • we have specialized experience developing and financing renewable energy projects; and

We also have a number of issued and pending patents relating to transportation fuels from biogas.   In one key innovation, we pioneered the use of refineries to incorporate biogas-derived renewable hydrogen as renewable content in conventional gasoline and diesel fuels.
We now offer biogas producers solutions that increase the value they can derive from their existing or planned biogas projects.  
We also offer obligated parties solutions that can decrease the cost of compliance and increase the value they derive from their existing assets.



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