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Media & Resources Courtesy Notice of Media Coverage
July 24, 2015

Iogen, Raízen:

We are very pleased to have posted coverage regarding the official launch of Iogen Energy’s cellulosic biofuels facility; see: http://www.terutalk.com/July-2015.html#0724-3. The news item posted to our web service today and will circulate globally in Monday’s e-newsletter.

Teru Talk web service (www.terutalk.com) is focused on the clean conversion of waste and biomass to energy, fuels and other commodities. We have built a detailed profile for tracking both Iogen and Raizen's efforts. Please ensure that we are on your respective media advisory lists for receipt of future press releases related to our industrial sector. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Michael Theroux, Editor
Teru Talk
530-823-7300; cell: 530-613-1712
email:  mtheroux@terutalk.com
Web Service: www.terutalk.com
Corporate Site: www.jdmt.net

Skype:  michael_theroux; Twitter: @TeruTalk


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