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Cellulosic Ethanol Licensing and Partnerships

Iogen is seeking partners and licensees to commercialize its technology. We offer feasibility assessments, process design packages, proprietary equipment supply, project development services, biocatalyst procurement support, feedstock supply chain development services, with operational and start-up services.

With more than $500M USD developing and scaling-up process and equipment technology, more than 300 cellulosic ethanol related patents issued or pending, extensive practical experience with enzymes and yeasts, comprehensive practical project development experience with major partners, and operating experience at Raizenís Costa Pinto project, we offer unique capabilities over other technology and project offerings in the field:

Best in class technology – Our proprietary pretreatment and hydrolysis equipment and process produces a more uniform substrate with less process variability, resulting in lower enzyme use than competitive processes. A significant additional benefit with our equipment package is the ability to handle abrasive materials with less downtime, greater reliability and significantly less maintenance costs. Based on our thousands of hours of operation in our Ottawa demonstration facility we have developed systems that are tolerant to sand, minimize erosion and corrosion, and will deliver maximum on-stream time. Our core process technology can also be configured in a number of ways to provide an optimal balance of reliability, cost, and yield. Depending on the local markets for feedstock, products, by-products, and energy supply, we have the experience to adapt our designs to suit local conditions.

Extensive practical experience – With our global experience and unmatched implementation team, Iogen is qualified to participate in all aspects of the value chain during the entire project lifecycle, including front-end project development, site selection, feedstock supply chain management, preliminary and detailed engineering, scheduling, procurement, operational readiness, construction support, commissioning and start-up, and on-going operational services. Partners also have the opportunity to leverage Iogenís unique position as a former enzyme manufacturer and cellulosic ethanol yeast developer to ensure the optimum performance and costs for the biotechnology aspects of 2G ethanol projects.

Effective partnerships – The true strength and depth of Iogen is realized when working with partners in collaborative relationships to successfully deliver projects. We believe in sustainable long-term relationships with our partners, and have worked with world class organizations such as Raizen, Novozymes, Shell and Volkswagen. We have the experience to adapt our business processes and deliverables to fit with the requirements and capabilities of our partners.

If you are seeking to develop a cellulosic ethanol project, contact us:

Gordon McLennan
VP Business Development



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